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Jake Lyons

Advanced Performance Course

Who can join?

IMPORTANT: This Advanced Course is structured for those who have completed The Performance Course or equivalent and have already participated in a showcase or Improv performances. If you are unsure of suitability please email to find out more or see our range of courses:

Course Teacher - Jake Lyons

Jake is the founder & artistic director of The London Improv Theatre and the founder and director of LiveWired Comedy Improvisation. He casts, rehearses and directs all the LiveWired professional shows and performances. Jake is an experienced teacher of the techniques of Improvisation for performance and as a transferable skill to work and social situations.


The Course: 6 sessions + Saturday Showcase

Demanding and fun this Advanced Course is formulated to consolidate existing skills and challenge participants to to work collaboratively as part of a cast. Geared totally to the end of course performance, you will work with the same group through the course to create a Showcase Performance comprising of fast paced short form scenes, games and longer form multi-scene ‘plays’. All participants of the course are offered the opportunity to perform in the end of course show, hosted by Jake - this is  the highlight of the course. The course is restricted to 8 participants .


Course Elements 

  • Scene & character work

  • Short-Form performance games

  • Long-Form multi scene structures

  • Collaboration & stage craft


The end of course showcase performance takes place at The London Improv Theatre, using stage and lights, piano accompaniment with cabaret seating/private bar with the audience invited by the participants including friends & family. The last session is a Sunday 4 hour show rehearsal on stage. The showcase is on a Saturday evening.

Dates & Times

Saturday 16th March  3PM to 5PM
Saturday 23rd March  3PM to 5PM
Saturday 30th March  3PM to 5PM
Saturday 6th April:      3PM to 5PM
Saturday 13th April     3PM to 5PM
Sunday    14th April     1PM to 5PM
Saturday  20th April    5PM to evening Showcase.

Venue: London Improv Theatre

Fee: £199.00


If you would like info on next start date email:

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