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The kingdom calls for aid and you decide who answers in this

high-fantasy adventure tale! 

Join a gaggle of characters for a truly epic tale as  'Adventure Calls' brings to life unlikely heroes, magnificent villains and beasts of legend in this completely improvised high fantasy adventure. 


The kingdom needs a hero. Corrupt knights gallop across the land extorting innocent peasants, the Witch of the Eastern Forest has lost her precious enchanted sword and a vast,  very hungry dragon has been spotted circling the stormy skies. The realm only has one hope left--the ancient prophecy, many moons ago, foretold the coming of a band of  heroes.......

£8.00 + bf online.  £12.00 cash on door.

For four or more Contact Us to reserve a table.

Doors open at 7:00pm for 7:30pm show

Private bar and bar food served.

Advance booking is strongly reccomended.

Adventure Calls,  features some of London's quickest- and nerdiest- improv talent. Our regular cast- Vicky Hawley, Sam Irving, Audra Goffeney, Juwel Haque, Hannah Dormor and Duncan Wrigley- includes Edinburgh Fringe Festival sellouts, Scottish Comedy Award Winners, and more five star reviews than you can shake a halberd at.

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