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Jake Lyons

The Beginners Course

To join this course, you do not need any Improv, acting or comedy experience. The course is structured for total beginners.

Addressing the fundamentals of Improvisation, over five Monday evening 2 hour sessions, gain techniques for spontaneity and creativity. Transferable skills for business and social life. An energetic insight into the benefits of Improvisation. Gain the core skills of improvisation in a fun and supportive environment.


Course Elements

  • Active Listening

  • Offering & Accepting

  • Yes And

  • Spontaneity

  • Emotional Commitment

  • Stagecraft

  • Performance Confidence

  • Use of Voice & Body Language


Course Teacher – Jake Lyons

Jake is the founder & artistic director of The London Improv Theatre and director of LiveWired Comedy Improvisation. He is an experienced teacher of the techniques of Improvisation for performance and as a transferable skill to work and social situations.


Week 1 Mon 3/6    7.00- 9.00
Week 2 Mon 10/6  7.00- 9.00
Week 3 Mon 17/6  7.00- 9.00
Week 4 Mon 24/6  7.00 - 9.00
Week 5 Mon 1/7    7.00 - 9.00

Fee: £125.00


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