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Darren McQuade presents

The Beginners


If you have ever wanted to learn how to do magic tricks, either to impress your friends, entertain in the pub or as a starting point for working towards becoming a magical entertainer, then this course is for you.

The course runs over three Saturdays 1.45PM to 4.45PM at The London Improv Theatre and is taught by professional magician Darren McQuade. Darren has been involved in magic for over 25 years and is the host of  
The Magicians Showcase at The London Improv Theatre.

This course is aimed at beginners and teaches a wide variety of tricks using the techniques of sleight of hand and misdirection. You will l
earn tricks using cards, mentalism, coin magic and be challenged to think about original trick ideas.

By the end of the course you will have gained insights into the equipment needed, presentation skills and will have put together your own magic trick routine. 


Sat 24th   Feb      1.45PM to 4.45PM

Sat 3rd   March    1.45PM to 4.45PM

Sat 10th March    1.45PM to 4.45PM

Any questions - email

Course fee: £125.00

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