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The Camden Fringe 

As part of The Camden Fringe

The  London Improv Theatre presents 13 shows over 7 nights! 

Break a Leg, Jesus!

Jesus wants to act in a film with beautiful singer Maggie Starr, but hapless agent Jude can't remember his name. When Jude falls foul of cruel loan shark Pretty Harry, Jesus promises to bail him out with the unlikely profits of the film. How will Jesus and friends make a movie with no money, preventing gangsters from torturing them to death?

Mon 30 Jul    7:00pm

Tue 31  Jul    7:00pm

Wed 1   Aug  7:00pm

Details & Booking



Rio Magic

Born in Brazil, but with roots also in Argentina, Lebanon, Moldova and France, Eric Rabacov has been blowing people's minds around the streets of London since he moved to the UK in 2014! Make your way to your seat and witness the impossible magic of Eric Rabacov!

Mon 30 Jul  9:30pm 

Tue 31  Jul  9:30pm

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Fluff and Alex are depressed millennials sharing a tiny studio flat in Shepherds Bush. They're not sure what the meaning of life is yet, but they're determined to find out through drugs, alcohol, Bourbon biscuits, sleazy men, grated cheese and an electric ukulele. And maybe a lobster or two...

Thu 2 Aug  9:30pm

Fri 3  Aug   9:30pm

Sat 4 Aug   9:30pm

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Thomas Dixon: The Secrets of Magic

What is real magic? Is it just tricks or magic? what's the difference? Thomas will answer these questions and reveal some of the deepest secrets!You will learn what it takes to be a magician and to see what is like to be behind the curtains.You are not just going to see tricks, you will experience magic!

Fri 3  Aug  7:00pm

Sat 4 Aug  7:00pm

Sun 5 Aug 6:30pm

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Momentary Insight

Momentary Insight' A new play by Jake Lyons. In today's climate of #Me Too, Weinstein and gender politics, this powerful, engaging and funny piece brings into sharp focus the negotiation of human interaction and relationships in city life.

Mon 6 Aug 7:30pm

Tue 7  Aug 7:30pm

Wed 8 Aug 7:30pm

Thu 9  Aug 7:30pm

Fri 10  Aug 7:30pm

Sat 11 Aug 7.30pm

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     'What's On' 


Mon 7.00  Break a Leg, Jesus

Mon 9.30  Rio Magic

Tues 7.00  Break a Leg, Jesus

Tues 9.30  Rio Magic

Wed 7.00  Break a Leg, Jesus

Thur 9.30  Fluff

Fri     7.00  Secrets of Magic

Fri     9.30  Fluff

Sat     7.00   Secrets of Magic

Sat     9.30   Fluff

Sun    6.30   Secrets of Magic

Mon 6th to Sat 11th at  7.30

Momentary insight

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