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"Do It Now"

Corporate Training Workshop 

"Do It Now" is a workshop designed to create energy and fun. Instilling and exploiting the skills of improvisation, participants will use their imagination and creativity to enjoy exercises, scenes and make discoveries. A revitalising and rewarding experience that will bring a new open energy to your workplace.


Who is this aimed at?

  • Groups that rely on teamwork and collaboration to be successful.

  • Individuals who would like to refresh their work persona and communication skills.

  • People whose achievements you would like to acknowledge without a competitive physical activity.

  • Teams that would benefit from a break from routine and to snap out of fixed attitudes.

  • Companies that have endured a tough time and want to generate new enthusiasm and put smiles on faces.


What is required?

Each workshop is tailored to your requirements. We can come to your workplace or can arrange a suitable venue.  The venue needs to provide enough space for all participants to move around freely and a chair each – and that’s it!


Experience has shown that a 2 hour session for groups of a minimum of 8 people and up to a maximum of 20 is the most effective approach. Multiple groups and bespoke set-ups can be tailored to your requirements.


What are the benefits of the "Do It Now" Workshop?

We are a small team of actors and improvisers who have extensive experience in training and facilitating. For many people this will be a totally new approach to workplace training but, as part of a learning and development strategy, provides valuable tool for a modern business.


In essence London Improv Theatre improvisation workshops offer training in a heightened level of communication to achieve the following:

  • Increased creativity and imagination.

  • Improved communication and listening skills.

  • Develop confidence, spontaneity and teamwork.

  • Improved business and personal communication.


How do you describe this training experience to prospective participants?

The word ‘improvisation” can immediately bring to mind flamboyant, show off performances, stand-up comedians, “Whose line It Is Anyway” type shows, role playing or a requirement to be extrovert and funny.  This is NOT what London Improv Theatre offers.


London Improv Theatre workshops are held in a very supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. No participants will be “put on the spot” or made to feel uncomfortable or exposed. We create a safe environment where people can push their boundaries and discover new things. Improvisation in this context is about creating structure and acquiring new tools to improve communication skills.

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