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Improvised Singing Workshop (Improvers)

Improvised Singing Workshop (Improvers)

The aim of this improvers workshop is to consolidate the skills gained in beginners and gain an insight into solos, duets, ensemble improvised singing and song styles.

Songs with both the tune and lyrics inspired by the scene narrative is an exciting and fun addition for any improviser. Improvised songs informs all comedy improv whether long or short form.

In a series of exercises and insights gain the confidence to lead and follow songs, add movement and structure to work collaboratively.


The workshop is run by Jake Lyons, with Maria Polukarov on the piano both from LiveWired Comedy Improvisation.

If you have any questions please email:

Workshop: Thursday 20th July 8.00PM to 9.30PM

Venue:  The London Improv Theatre

Limited spaces. Fee £20.00


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