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Improv Groups come together for some Sunday fun! 


What better way is there to spend a Sunday than to pop into a great pub, grab a drink, head downstairs to the theatre and be entertained by contrasting comedy troupes?

3PM Sunday 9th June 2024

A chosen character: who were they and what are their curious sequence of events? Join 'Curious Planet 'as they go back in time to find the answers. 
Curious Planet.jpg
'A Drunken Sailor' perform Playback Theatre - Improv where audience stories or moments are 'played back' creatively on the spot.

'Story Hole' take a simple suggestions from,  you the audience,  and create a unique fun  story. Character based and great fun. 

Story Hole.JPG
Don't Make a Scene .png

'Don't Make a Scene' bring fun improvised scenes inspired by a single word from, you, the audience.

Just a Few.jpg

'Just a Few' bring scenes and games totally inspired by audience suggestions.

No one gets picked on!

This is a comedy show where you can feel comfortable - audience members are not picked on and do not have to participate in anyway unless they wish to. The host may ask the audience for suggestions, for example to name an emotion or place and it's up to you if you wish to join in or not.

Barons Court Theatre
The Curtains Up Pub
28a Comeragh Rd,
W14 9HR

Nearest tube: Barons Court, West Kensington.

Free parking on surrounding roads

Tickets are not available at the venue and must be booked online and in advance.

3PM Start. 

Finishes 5.30/5.45PM Age 18+

If you have any questions or would like further information please email:

or call: 07434 788631

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