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Tuesday March 21st 7pm-9pm

£20 Advance booking online only - Book Today


The London Improv Theatre is pleased to present this two-hour workshop held by leading improvisor Suki Webster. The workshop is aimed at those with some experince of improv classes and performance. (This workshop is not suitable for beginners) 

The session will explore:

  • How to make the most dynamic offers in Improv scenes.

  • Finding offers that excite us as improvisers and grip the audience’s attention.

  • How can we push ourselves to become bolder and more confident in our choices?

  • Where is the edge between making bold, risky offers without unbalancing the scene?

In a playful supportive atmosphere we shall dare to stretch our improvisational skills so that we can create the most compelling, funny, emotionally rich and playful work.

Suki Webster has recently been performing at London Improv Theatre in “Legend’s of Improvisation” She is also a member of “Paul Merton’s Impro Chums” a regular “Comedy Store Player” guest as well as running her own Impro show “Suki Webster’s Guest Speaker.”

Last year she appeared in the West End with “Eddie Izzard’s One Word Impro” and “Ross Noble’s Improv Show.” She has also written and appeared in five documentaries for the BBC.

Any questions - email:

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