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Voice Class

Claire Greenway
Vocal & Singing Coach

Aimed at those who would like to be more confident in the use of their voice and would like to gain volume, control and authority.  The confident use of voice is such an asset in life and on stage.


Many improvisers find their voice is not strong enough to carry to the back of a theatre or they are worried that the sound quality of their singing voice is less tuneful and pleasing than they would wish.


These class sessions are designed for those who would like to learn how the voice works, use the voice safely, gain control, volume, authority and a broader vocal range.

Through a series of exercises and instruction you can dramatically improve the use of your voice in a short period of time.

Group exercises, breathing and vocal work coupled with group singing will enable you to identify a beneficial vocal technique.

The sessions are held by singing and vocal coach Claire Greenway who has extensive experience training both professional actors and singers, non professionals, business and corporate participants in vocal training.

Claire trained as a singer, both classical and musical theatre at the Royal Academy of Music. Her classes are technique based on the Estill Model and a repertoire of vocal workouts.  As a working actress, she also centres on performance skills and acting through song. Claire's upbeat style places equal emphasis on enjoyment as well as technical pursuits.

Next session:

Wednesday 7th February  7.00PM to 9.00PM £20.00 + booking fee

Wednesday 14th March     7.00PM to 9.00PM £20.00 + booking fee

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