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Workshop Specials

Workshops and Classes with a specfic topic.

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*Jason Moran


*Jason Moran

IMPORTANT:  These Workshop Specials are aimed at those with experience of Improv.

Participants should have completed either

The Performance Course or The Advanced Course or an equivalent.

'Space & Object Work'    Sat 27th Oct 3PM to 5PM

A 2 hour workshop course addressing the key components of creating the environment around you and keeping it consistent. In a fun and supportive environment we will look at how do establish your character’s “Where” by defining objects and space and maintaining them throughout the scene.

Course Elements

  • Simple mime 

  • Establishing your environment

  • Object creation

  • Weight, volume, height, tension

  • Keeping an object alive in a scene

  • Sharing and exchanging objects within a scene

Fee £20 + bf


'Creating a Character' Sat 10th Nov. 12.00PM to 2.00PM

A 2 hour workshop addressing the key components of character creation in an improvised scene or game. If you find you are having difficulty creating new and interesting characters or are stuck with the same old ones then this course will help you break out from your comfort zone. In a fun and supportive environment we will look at how to establish your character’s point of view at the top of a scene and keep your character consistent. Gain an insight into devising characters using the following elements.

  • Voice

  • Physicality and body parts

  • Posture and body language

  • Emotion and intent

  • Objective and drive

  • Character Point of view

  • Status

  • Acting and reacting

  • Relationship to your scene partner

Fee £20.00 + bf       

* Jason Moran

A founding member of The London Improv Theatre team, Jason trained with The Gaiety School of Acting, The Dublin School of Acting and has worked with a range of Dublin based theatre companies. With extensive experience of comedy improvisation he regularly runs Improv training courses and workshops. Jason is a permanent cast member of LiveWired Comedy Improv the long running hit show.

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