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Our next show Saturday 1st April

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Join us for drinks in the bar from 6.30PM to be ushered to the studio for the 7.00PM show. This is a double bill with the first half entertainment supplied by 'A Drunken Sailor' a theatre group  who use 'playback theatre' to tell true stories in a very unique and fun way. There is then a 20 min interval for more drinks! And the second half is

'Can We Have a Word?' totally unrehearsed, unscripted scenes, games and songs inspired by audience suggestions. Venue: Theatre Deli. £8

Saturday Improv Workshops & Classes

New ‘Drop In’ Saturday Improv Workshops 2023

Three Hour Saturday ‘Drop In’ Improv Workshops.

These fun and active ‘Drop In’ workshops are suitable for beginners and refreshers.

Standalone 3 hour sessions, focusing on a different aspect of Improv each session.

Each session is different. Consolidating the foundations of Improvisation, insights into the techniques of confidence, heightened communication, and spontaneity. Great transferable skills for work, life and social interaction.

Never forgetting that it’s fun!

Making and accepting offers, saying yes, building ideas and collaboration.

Focus on listening and responding authentically.

Exploring both short form games and long form scene work.

Workshops are led by Jake Lyons, the founder of The London Improv Theatre.

Venue: Theatre Deli.

Just £12.00 for limited period.

Spontaneous Sunday Shows

4 Improv Groups in 1 show!
Four of some of London's finest comedy Improv troupes come together on a Sunday afternoon.


What better way is there to spend a Sunday than to pop into a great pub, grab a drink, head downstairs to the theatre to be entertained by not one but four contrasting comedy troupes?

Venue: The Barons Court Theatre. £10

Spontaneous Sunday Improv Workshops


This Monthly Sunday Workshop, suitable for beginners, will introduce you to the pillars of the technique of Improvisation. Over three hours, you'll be lead by Jake Lyons and Matt Sparkes to gain insights into the tools of spontaneity, saying yes and building imaginative ideas. Transferable skills to work and social life. Venue: Barons Court Theatre. £22

Monthly Workshop for Improv & Spontaneity.

If you have any questions or would like further information please email:

or call: 07434 788631

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